Monday, December 23, 2013

Cape Point Challenge 2013

Cape Point Challenge is one of those races that every ski paddler needs to do.
There is nothing easy about it,if there is any wind it means you have to go into it at some stage as the course is normally from the west coast of Cape Of Good Hope (Atlantic sea) to the East coast (Indian Ocean )
This year the race committee had to change the course as the swell was to big and meant it would be too dangerous to paddle on the west coast ,we had to paddle inside False Bay starting from Simon s Town to Cape Point and back.
This meant we were exposed to 25 km of headwind with no shelter then turning at Cape Point for the downwind leg home.
                                                                       Cape Point
There was a Big bunch of paddlers in A Batch at the start with the same race plan " Sit on tail slip as long as possible to conserve your energy levels for the downwind leg "
                                                 Start of Cape Point Challenge 2013 A Batch

Coach Lee started with A Batch along side Hank .
Last Time they raced together here was 1995 defending their title from 1993
                                                            Coach Lee Ready To Go

Headwind Leg was tough ,cold ,windy and of course Sharky
                                            Hank pushing the pace with Jasper & Sean

                                              Turn Mark at Cape Point ,Hank turns first
                                                      Surf Time on Downwind Leg

Hank had a great downwind Leg home back to Fish Hoek Finish to win overall in 3 hours 41
Coach Lee finished 16th in the singles and won the masters having the fastest Vet time as well.
                                             Win # 4 for Hank in the singles category

Cape town Downwind Race 2013

Yesterday was the Cape Town Downwind Race 2013 .
It was fantastic conditions for downwind racing.
At the front of the race it was a 3 way tussle between Hank ,Jasper and Dawid .
They traded runs right to the end with Jasper taking the win from Hank and then Dawid .
                                                           Hank Finished a Close 2nd

                                                     Coach Lee Winning the Masters