Friday, June 17, 2016

MACSquad SA Marathon Champs 2016 results

South African Marathon Champs MACSquad results:

17 Podiums and 6 in the National Senior Team to Germany 2016!

1st K1 Men Hank
1st K1 Women Nikki
1st K1 Under 23 Women Jen
1st K1 Under 18 Women Kyeta
1st K1 Vets Women Marion
1st K1 Under 16 Boys Hamish

1st K2 Women Jen & Kyeta
1st K2 Under 18 Women Sabina & Christie
1st K2 Under 16 Boys Hamish & David
1st K2 Vets Women Marion
1st K2 Under 23 Men Tom
1st K2 Grandmasters Men Geoff

2nd K2 Under 16 Boys Callum
2nd K1 Under 18 Women Christie

3rd K1 Under 18 Women Sabina
3rd K1 Vets Men Kobus
3rd K1 Under 16 Boys David

Saturday, June 11, 2016

SA Marathon Championships & Trials 2016

Coach here...

Congratulations to the MACSquad Family doing what they are great at, winning @ the SA Marathon Champs today.

Hank, 1st Senior Men
Nikki, 1st Senior Women
Jen, 1st Under 23 Women
Kyeta, 1st Under 18 Women
Kristy, 2nd Under 18 Women
Sabina, 3rd Under 18 Women
Little Ham, 1st Under 16 Boys
Marion, 1st Veteran Women

Watch this space for the K2s tomorrow!


Keep it rolling girls & guys!