Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cape Point Challenge 2014


Hank's year!

What a way to wrap up 2014. Cape Point Challenge done and dusted. He came, he saw and he conquered once again.

5 x Champion in a Single, twice in a Double with his old man, i.e. 7 x winner.

To drop the current best 3 surfski paddlers in the world. These 4 have dominated every surfski race in the world in 2014.

And a new record on top of that, even paddling 2 km longer by going around the outer kelpbeds.

18 hours later, he wins the mixed Double 30 km Drak River Race with his wife Pippa.

A paddling machine.

A newspaper article said today:
The man that we would all want next to us in a time of war.